About Us
More than just garage door, roller shutter & gate repairs.

With a centrally located office and a location in Adelaide's Eastern suburbs the team at That Roller Door Bloke can get to you fast.

We are simply the best in the business at what we do and so are the preferred and trusted repairers for a large number of Adelaide's most popular property rental agents, retirement villages & builders.

We also cater for our many loyal residential customers that have built up over the past 20 years so you won't find us advertising in the yellow pages etc. 

Servicing any location in the Adelaide metro area in the North, East, West & South.

So what makes us different? It's really quite simple. We do it right!
Absolutely no dodgy short cuts, only a premium service at a pre determined fixed price.

"That Roller Door Bloke" only uses the best products, tools & industry leading knowledge available to give the products you paid good money for that good-as-the-day you bought it feel and operation.

Because we are the REPAIR specialists - we rarely replace anything (we hate waste).  If we can't fix it, then you definitely know it's ready for replacement.
(although we mainly specialise in repairs we can definitely help you out with this)

Your always provided with a solution and we carry over 700 different spare parts and components either onboard or at our centrally located warehouse so your door is usually always repaired on the day or usually within 48 hrs.

All you have to remember is the team at That Roller Door Bloke will always look after your things as if it we owned them !

Our statement of quality:

We inspect your garage door, automatic gate or roller shutter for all known problems - with a minimum requirement of 15 years experience our technicians always find the problem - and will never just automatically suggest to replace the whole thing? !

Our unique ten step procedure and latest modern tools & high quality lubricants will keep everything running better for longer.

We check & hand-tighten every nut, bolt & screw to ensure everything will be safe & never likely to dangerously fail.

A final inspection ensures everything is just right - alignment, operation & even remote batteries are tested electronically to ensure maximum charge and performance & replaced if they don’t meet our standards.

This process definitely extends the overall life of any automatic opener by many years and ensures you have maximum ease of use and minimal breakdowns from using your garage door, gate or roller shutter everyday.

As you would expect, our servicing (callout & labour) is fully guaranteed for 3 months in case the same problem returns.  All new components 12 months.

We are also FULLY INSURED for your extra peace of mind and have never had a claim in 15 years.